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To everyone, not just myself, my friends and family, you are good enough for not just me but life, everyone, everything. Please don't change a thing about you, you are enough.


50 Cheating Quotes To Help Heal Your Broken Heart


I'm Emo But In A Gerard Way Ladies Black T-Shirt

Hah, I need to get this for my (not blood related) Uncle!!! If Any Of You Know… More


10 ways to get in your Vortex plus free printable

This is a free printable from of 10 Mantras for I AM. I am, I am strong, I am willing, I am love, I am accepting, I am a miracle, I am enough, I am abundant, I am happy, I am confident, I am all I need.


you're so hard on yourself. take a moment. sit back. marvel at your life: at the grief that softened you, at the heartache that wisened you, at the suffering that strengthened you. despite everything, you still grow. be proud of this.


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7 Make more room for love. Start here: #Repost @consciousfire with @repostapp. It took me many heartbreaking lessons to realize that I didnt have the power to save anyone be it from a seeming external affliction such as an abusive partner or from an internal affliction such as an untreated addiction. I had to learn through loss and disappointments that I couldnt force anyone to change I couldnt make anyone grow. It was a…