I have missed c a lot today. Nothing new I know but when they mean a lot you can't help it x

❝I miss you a lot today.❞ I miss you a lot everyday. Even if you're in front of me, I miss you. When I'm eating, I miss you. When I'm sho.

Fuck yeah I miss you. But then again, today's the first day in almost two weeks I finally feel fucking okay! Come back to me now, its time to come home; I've learned my lesson. - Steph

Fuck yeah I miss you. But then again, I don't even know if u still miss me. I feel pathetic. But u can't help who u fall in love with!

Damn it I hate this feeling, I hate that you don't miss me ! I hate that I can't stop missing you

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God I miss you :'( I just want to be next to you, in your arms, feeling you breathing and hearing your heartbeat. I miss you so much it hurts

It kills me so much not to see you and talk to you I miss your presence and not talking to you, I dont like the idea of that.

I couldn't tell you everything. I'm upset and sad because I'm not able to talk to you. I'll explain it to you better in person or when we talk. It's making me so fucking sad. But can't help it. I love you. I miss you much.

It killed me when you defended someone who didn't love you as selflessly as I did. Letting you go was the hardest thing I've ever done, but I hope you won't make the same mistakes with the next girl. I just wish you had made them with the girl before me.

I would have given my life for you. I would trade places today! Any mother would.I love you so much Robbie !

Its incredibly dumb and i hate it!!! Wishing we were hanging out today                                                                                                                                                      More

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No, the dumbest thing ever is believing you both love each other only to realize she's a lying whore who has only used you emotionally and financially

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Pretty much how im feeling tonight. They say go out there and date again, there is plenty of fish in the sea, like I need to tell any broken hearted person,

En medio de mi caos era usted. Gracias por mantenerme tranquila en medio de mis problemas. Lo amo baby. Lo amo mucho

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You came at the perfect moment. Always patient, taking things slow. Slowly putting together the pieces that others tore apart. Never trying to break down my walls, just learning to climb over them. I love you ❤️

I think you are laughing from heaven at this.  I was always chattering at you. . . I loved sharing my world with you and I loved that you shared your world with me.  I miss  you so incredibly much!

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I talk to you after night , till midnight i count stars , pointless as this sounds, i dream about the things we could've been. The moon hears it all, pain and words.

...... I can't wait to get home in 8 more weeks....need a good girls talk .... Miss you hon .... Caro x

Mom, my heart aches each & every day since you left me.you were not only my wonderful mother, but my best friend.my heart is FOREVER BROKEN.