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❝He looked round. Ginny Weasley, looking very windswept, had joined him at the library table where he had been sitting alone. It was late on Sunday evening...❞


Redheaded Allowances  It is difficult To pry a camera Away from a redhead We want you To see what we see The explosions of life Hidden within The folds of a flower Or the curves of a  woman It is difficult To understand the whims  Of a redheaded woman Yet if you try Perhaps you can  Allow her to be quirky  -The Sensual Starfish


This is a really beautiful redheaded girl. I am very partial to that color. This is how girls looked when I was a teen. This goes for the big and heavy 26-28 inch bike with the wicker basket. Love this. It it is filled with many memories for me. "The Clothes Horse"

from Suburban Men

Beautiful Irish Redheads (29 Photos)

Hello. I'm Artemis Pickett and I'm 19 years old from the province Columbia. I'm also an eight. Yes, I know that's a very low number, but I am hoping that my caste won't matter in this competition. I've been very humbled throughout my life and I love to be outdoors. The sunshine on my face is my favorite feeling in the world. I also like to paint and doodle. I am a peacemaker, and I hope to make friends throughout this competition even though I know some girls are only here for the prince…