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I was thinking and it& be nice if I can take a special somebody to Paris one day(;

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I would love to travel to Paris, France one day! This city seems so beautiful and I have heard the food is great too! I would love to travel here one day!

Sunrise Over Paris: Make Sure you do this in France

It's cold and windy. My hands feel like ice cubes. My eyes water and my mascara runs. I'm watching the sunrise over Paris.

Lámina vintage retro para decorar tu casa de una manera muy alegre. Nosotros te la imprimimos en un lienzo, dibón, foam... #decoración

Stampendous I Love Paris - Rubber Stamp. I love Paris in the Springtime. Features the Eiffel Tower. Paris in the spring is the stuff of song, story, and everyon

Eiffel Tower, Paris, France. i'm not even that crazy about going to Paris but those colors though

Eiffel Tower at dusk in Autumn, Paris, France. I would love to visit Paris with your hand in my.

Ritz Carlton Hotel, Paris. Luxury lifestyle, luxury hotel, exclusive design, luxury safes, private collection. For more design news:…

Ritz Carlton Hotel -- Holy Moly this is amazing, and I will NEVER ever have the funds to enjoy this place

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How to visit Paris on a budget. I saved SO MUCH money on my trip to Paris with these tips! Love this guide for first-time visitors.

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How to visit Paris on a budget. This is one of the best budget guides I've found to see the best of Paris without going broke.

Three days in Paris: everything you should see, do and visit in the city of love/ city of lights!

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