Spencer was always my favorite character on iCarly lol

Whatcha got there?

i-Carly. Am I the only one who says "Well" As a offensive response to something rude. Like: "Me: *doesn't say anything* Person: Shut up Kaleigh Me: Well.."

The Walking Dead's Version of Gourmet Cuisine

I Carly ∞

Well, he always did have cool socks. that he got from his friend Socko. who was never shown in iCarly

Carly: you thought a criminal broke into our house and was in my room.. so as a weapon you brought a sucker duster? Spencer: Sure did! Carly: you're insane! Spencer: Am I?

I swear, Crazy Steve changed his name to Spencer

ive been watching this show for hurs.....spencer is my favorite

Benson: When the temperature gets too high the elderly will start to die! Spencer: Wow that's a creepy rhyme!

that moment you realized he'd been hanging out with Sam for too long...

ICarly Freddie////Hahaha I can think of many reasons as to what happened to the husband xD>>>Nothing you can prove

icarly - Google претрага

A '90s Kid's Childhood Vs. The Childhood Of Kids Today

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Not a teenage post but whatever lol it's funny--- But on the last episode, Carly's dad came

Why does Spencer use weird stuff to build stuff like a spoon hat?

Why does Spencer use weird stuff to build stuff like a spoon hat? <------- what else would u use to build a spoon hat then spoons?