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If This Is True, My Crush Must Still Be Awake

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this is so for my daughter. I don't know how many times she has finally cleaned her room and found something she lost six months ago and cant believe it!!

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im petrified if truth be known. i cant help it, something in me is broken and im so scared of everything,everyone, what if they turn out to be just like him, what if they say they love me, and then abandon me, use all my fears and insecurities against me and wittle me down till theres nothing left. im only just clinging on, i cant tell you this, i cant even say it out loud. if i do , im admitting defeat and hes won..... even tho he already has... he wanted to destroy me....he did.

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31 Memes So Harsh They're Funny

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The stress is starting younger and younger these days, too. What the hell.

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And the bee movie fandom arises from the depths of the internet

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Kerouac at his finest...if I were to describe my fears and hopes without using labels or bias, I would probably find myself articulating in a similar way

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Adventures of God - Album on Imgur