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And here is to three of them: The Duchess, Lady Lolita and Miss Pollyanna …


Our Presence: The Gift That Really Matters to our Children

It is Baby!! That's why I will drive for hours just to have a glimpse of you!!! It made me so happy & leaves me with this lasting image of you!! :-* it already feels like forever since I saw U!! :-( I Miss U Baby!!!! So $/@#%* much!!!! serious talks. Gonna go shopping in a little while...of course! I wish you were here in my arms!!!!! I Love YOU with ALL my Heart!!!!!!!! I Do!!!!!***

Outlander - Facts Quotes and Did you Knows?

Sam Heughan as highlander "Jamie Fraser". The greatest love story ever told. Outlander.


365 Happiness Project: Quote 110 in being Tactful not tactless...sometimes no matter how tactile,tactful you are,people have already made their minds up from word go...nothin you do would change it...