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Baby I`m sorry I`ve spent a lot of time in the Lightroom yesterday and on Hampstead Heath shooting .Please don`t cry,I`m here.I love you honey.I`m going to work now.I`ll be online at 10.00 I suppose on my break till I`ll come to you here baby I love you I miss you.I`ll dry your tears I love you baby my goofy one I love and I miss .I love you ,I miss you honey I need you forever baby

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In Loving Memory of BLUE (1052971) - You brave wonderful boy - now you can rest without pains sweetheart - you really deserve to fly free - I´ll never forget your wonderful face - I loved you at first sight and was so happy when you were rescued - now I understand your pains and sorrow - I loved you!!

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Moment 15: Law of Austerity

The Andrews Sisters . . . In the 1940s the Andrews sisters "found themselves in high demand, and became the most profitable stage attraction in the entire nation, earning $20,000 a week" . . . releasing eight new singles to include 'Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy', 'Rum and Coca Cola' and 'I’ll be with you in Apple Blossom Time'" (The Andrews Sisters website:

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Courier doesn't always want to stay in the city and hopes to one day leave. This is something he would probably write as a message to the fae that he will escape them one day. ER

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I miss you Andrew, my father, mentor, friend, I sure could use advice or maybe just a hug

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victoriaclaregray: I spy the EMP pin.⭐️ thank you so much @littletinyghost the pin has sold out now and I just want to say a huge thank you to everyone of you babies who has supported me.✨ if you’ve missed out and really want one; I’ve got a couple of unique ones with imperfections that I’ll be selling for half of the price v soon - then they’re really really gone.

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My dog was put down today and my buddy sent me this. cheered me up quite a bit - Imgur

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