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Vegan chocolate truffles – two ways

Delicious vegan chocolate truffles. Super easy to make and super addictive. Perfect with an espresso or an evening brandy.

from Lazy Cat Kitchen

Vegan lemon meringue pies

These vegan lemon meringue pies are a mini version of this classic French dessert. They are a true flavour explosion and are bound to impress your guests.

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4 Amazing Hypoallergenic Dog Treat Recipes

Looking for amazing hypoallergenic dog treat recipes for your pooch? How about four of our favorites? Try these out and your dog will be thrilled!

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The 10 Most Unique Looking Cat Breeds

If I ever had a cat ;P LaPerm. LaPerms are a rex breed that have a tight, curly coat that comes in a wide variety of colors. Because of their coat, they have been shown to be a somewhat hypoallergenic breed.

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8 Cute Photos of Cats

Rainpelt. (Me) tom, mate unknown kits 3 (Whitekit, Littlekit, and Sagekit) looking for a new mate. Isn't a med cat but knows lots about herbs and whet they do. Always happy to help if there is no med cat around, and can easily see past clan borders. He does help Spottedpaw with her apprentice training since there is no med cat right now.


What's in your pet food? Signs that it might include junk. Things to look for before buying your dog's food. #pet_food #pet_nutrition #pet_care