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from xoJane

It Happened To Me: I Got Surgery To Make My Hands And Feet Stop Sweating

Hyperhidrosis made my hands and feet drip sweat all the time, so I went under…

The hyperhidrosis surgery is aimed to help you get rid of the excessive.


At Hyperhidrosis Center of Excellence there are Several alternatives to surgery exist for patients with excessive sweating,though the effectiveness of these therapies depends on an individual’s specific hyperhidrosis condition.

Hyperhidrosis Treatments Available | Los Angeles Hyperhidrosis Doctor

Details of the Hyperhidrosis surgery



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Did you know the top 5 most popular cosmetic procedures for men. 1. Botox 2. Blepharoplasty (Eyelid Surgery) 3. Rhinoplasty (Nose Reshaping) 4. Hyperhidrosis (Severe sweating) 4. Hair Transplant Surgery

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