Alessandro Antonelli - Cupola di San Gaudenzio. The Section and Elevation hybrid works well because of the symmetry in the drawing!

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Hyperbolic geometry - Wikipedia

szimmetria-airtemmizs: “ Currently I am working on some code to be able to draw hyperbolic geometry. I can already do some stuff. For example in this picture there are two sets of paralel lines. I use...

Hyperbolic geometry - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Getting Into Shapes: From Hyperbolic Geometry to Cube Complexes and Back | Quanta Magazine

Hyperbolic geometry - Wikipedia - Lines through a given point and parallel to a given line, illustrated in the Poincaré disk model

Hyperbolic geometry - Wikipedia - Rhombitriheptagonal tiling of the hyperbolic plane, seen in the Poincaré disk model

Hyperbolic Geometry Artwork

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