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Want to add a garden but have limited space? This pyramid-shaped planter provides 36 linear feet of planting area, yet its base is compact enough to sit nicely on a deck or patio. Fill it with flowers, herbs or vegetables--its unique tiered design allows for easy access and lets light reach all of your plants.

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Seeds for a Really Early Start

Start your organic garden now! There's many seeds that can be started in January, despite it being cold. Grow seedlings now, then transplant to your organic garden.

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Green Thumb Grow Lights

To quickly and efficiently grow plants from seeds I built a simple and low cost LED grow light kit . I used a plastic storage bin to support the LED s...

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Indoor Lights | GU10 10W 5 LED Plant Grow Light Hydroponics Lighting

GU10 10W 5 LED Plant Grow Light Hydroponics Lighting

All You Need To Know About Hydroponics

Hydroponics Infographic - Is it for you?

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