Automakers are pouring time and money into further developing this state-of-the-art vehicular technology. Here are 5 Awesome Hydrogen-Powered Cars to Look Forward To.

Why hydrogen-powered cars will drive Elon Musk crazy - "Hydrogen cars—long-predicted—are finally coming to roads. They run on the most common fuel in the universe."

✤ BRB Evolution concept is not only capable of fitting into tight spots with it’s Dyson vacuum-like design, but it’s also intended to be “green.” The concept car’s powered by electricity or hydrogen, in effect solving what Bailey considers to be the two main problems of the city of the future: pollution and overpopulation.

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Honda Starts Selling of Clarity Fuel Cell hydrogen-Powered Car #HondaClarity #HydrogenCar #NoGas

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The humble coconut might hold the key to making hydrogen-powered cars viable

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