I love hydrangeas. Tattoo idea...

hydrangeas remind me of my grandmother, since these flowers remind me of where she comes from. Ever since I was little I said that I wanted a tattoo of these to represent her

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Hydrangea Tattoo by Mentat Gamze

20 Splendid Hydrangea Tattoo Designs

I really like hydrangeas. Something to keep in mind incase we want to incorporate them somehow like in the cat goddess' crown. They tend to look weird, so I like them smaller like this one.

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The watercolor flower tattoos done this year are sensational! Here are the most captivating flower tattoos done this year, they will not disappoint.

beautiful Hydrangea, i like the colours together as they create depth whilst being pretty and subtle

With every new painted flower I feel not in autumn Russia but in summer Provence. Risuя kаždый novый lepestok, я vse bolьše čuvstvuю sebя nа tёploй ploщаdi Эks-аn-Provаnsа.