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Incentives for Plug-in Hybrids and Electric Cars |

from CityLab

Should Hybrid and Electric Cars Have to Sound Like Regular Cars?

Should Hybrid and Electric Cars Have to Sound Like Regular Cars? / Emily Barger @theatlanticcities | The distinct buzz or humming sound that cities produce comes primarily from motor vehicles. Tires on roads, accelerating engines, and that Doppler whoosh of boxy objects speeding by all contribute to the noise. Change the sound of cars, and you could effectively change the sound of cities [...] | #socialcities #socialdesign


Choosing the right home charging solution for your electric car -

Jaguar C-X75 -- And it's an all-electric car that produces 778 horsepower…


We're doing our best to track the growing list of federal and state-based incentives for purchasing an electric car or plug-in hybrid. See how much you can save to get behind the wheel of an electric-drive plug-in vehicle.

Ford Has Made All Its Hybrid And Electric Car Patents Available To Competitors | IFLScience

from Engadget

What you need to know about hybrid and electric cars

Nearly a hundred years ago, a deal between Henry Ford and Thomas Edison to make electric cars fell apart because 1914 battery technology wasn't up to the job....

The $900k plus Porsche 918 Spyder, "hybrid" with amazing performance and a range of 12 miles in electric only mode...

from Gizmodo

How Many Electric Car Charging Stations Are Actually Out There?

Hybrid and electric cars have gone pretty mainstream. But it's hard to get a sense of whether the charging infrastructure is keeping pace. Especially since there are lots of proposals for how we could transition away from the gas station model.