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Cool Huskies

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Strykker, a giant Alaskan Malamute. These dogs can get pretty big! Visit for more information about the breed.


Canadian Eskimo Dog - Rare, one of N. America's rarest/oldest purebred indigenous dogs, also called Qimmiq or Qimmit, rare because little effort to inform other dog lovers, used for sled pulling/packing, hunting seal breathing holes, holding polar bears a


Siberian Huskies, if you want a husky, remember they can be super stubborn, they love to roam (they were bred to make long journeys daily) and they need TONS of physical exercise (they were bred to pull across rugged, snowy terrain, and they'd RUN) they also do like to pull, so unless you train them not to pull on walks, make sure you make sure you do you're research before taking this breed in your home, or any breed!