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In my every weakness, you are my strength. You build me up when I am down. You compliment me sweetly and out of the blue. All the little things you do I know you love me and all the days that go by I have loving sweet memories of being with you. I love you, I appreciate you, you are my very best friend, my awesome husband of mine! <3 Jefferson Daniel Marler<3


It's amazing what anyone can do if they just decide to do it. Love is a beautiful thing, realize it requires a bit of work if you want to share your life with another human. If you pick the right one it will be so worth it.


Maybe. Not sure if I believe in this. I was drawn to my boyfriend as a person, but we were friends for years before we dated. He's the best thing to ever happen to me.


We will always have that connection. To be so intimate with them on a daily basis and be best friends when you just hang out is the best. I love him so much.


Always. Absolutely. Without fail. And now... I'd rather be with my husband and son. :-) I don't do much of anything without my two favorite people.