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Hearing something that kills you inside and having to act like you don't care.

This happened to me recently. My heart was breaking inside but I sat there smiling and laughing and acting like I didn't care long enough that they believed I really was okay. Then I excused myself to the bathroom to go cry my eyes out. Fun.


The Beauty of Fractals

Not me now but it's sad when people feel this way. I have been there before…


I dont like what I see in the mirror anymore, i see sadness,loneliness,ageing, i see pain,hurt,upset, i see someone surviving not really knowing how the fuck i ended up this way, wondering sometimes how it all went so wrong but knowing why, wishing that broken reflection in the mirror wasnt me.


My mother still hasn’t called for my doctor’s appointment. I feel sick. and sad. And bloated. My ribs and stomach hurt like crap and my anxiety is through the roof. I need a diagnoses so I can figure out if I’m bipolar or idek what’s going on at this point.