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Hawker Hurricane Mk.I, P3395, XJ-B of No. 1 Squadron, pilot P/O A.V. "Taffy" Clowes , RAF Wittering, Huntingdonshire, October 1940.


The Blizzard of 1888 - With up to 50 inches of snow dumped across the northeast United States this monster blizzard was aptly dubbed ‘The Great White Hurricane’. Major metropolitan areas like New York faced severe winds of up to 45miles an hour, drifts of more than 50 feet and floods caused when the snow melted.


Atlantic Highway - Norway ….Stay cheap and comfortable on your stopover in Oslo: and

Denzel Hayes Washington, Jr. - Born December 28th, 1954. Favorite appearances include The Hurricane in 1999, Remember the Titans in 2000, Man on Fire in 2004, and The Great Debaters in 2007. Denzel and his wife, Pauletta, have four children - John David, Katia, and twins Olivia and Malcolm.


Water spout. A waterspout is a vortex of spinning air that occurs over the water. Wikipedia "Waterspouts do not suck up water; the water seen in the main funnel cloud is actually water droplets formed by condensation."