Hurricane Iniki (1992) struck the island of Kauaʻi on September 11 at peak intensity; it had winds of 145 mph and was a Category 4 hurricane. On the south coast some hotels took several years to be rebuilt. One hotel—the Coco Palms Resort famous for Elvis Presley's Blue Hawaii—never reopened after the hurricane. Electric companies restored only 20% of the island's power service within four weeks of Iniki, while other areas were without power for up to three months.

dangerous fun with hurricane iniki swell. photograph by cory Lum.

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Coco Palms Resort Lobby : June 16, 1990 -- Hurricane Iniki hit in 1992. Currently abandoned.

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Hurricane Iniki Rallies Amateurs By Ron Hashiro, KH6JCA (Now AH6RH) As Hurricane Iniki tore its destruction through the Hawaiian Islands, Amateur Radio operators maintained an exclusive communications backbone. (February 1993 American Radio Relay League, Inc.)

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Tree Tunnel Kauai, on way to Koloa and Poipu........1991 before Hurricane Iniki in '92.

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Closed due to Hurricane Iniki in 1992 . To reopen in Spring 2017 - Cocoa Palms Resort in Wailuā, Kauaʻi, Hawaii. Filmed Blue Hawaii here with Elvis Presley.

Gorgeous old Theatre at Hanapepe, Kauai, HI....devastated after Hurricane Iniki

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HANAPEPE SWINGING BRIDGE (Kauai) — Reconstruction of this swaying suspension bridge made it a safer, historic experience of daily life in Kauai. Years before Hurricane Iniki, whenever a heavy rain storm hit Hanapepe Town and Valley and the river damaged the bridge, school was cancelled until the bridge could be fixed. After all, the bridge was the only way for children to cross the river!

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