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METEOROLOGICAL MEMORIES HURRICANE DAVID August 25 to September 8, 1979 sustained winds of 280 kilometers (175 miles) per hour Biometric Pressure: 924 mbar Category: 5 Hurricane David was the fourth named tropical cyclone of the hurricane season in the Atlantic in 1979. As a Category 5 hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane David was one of the deadliest hurricanes of the last ance of the 20th century , killing more than 2,000 people during its passage, mostly in the Dominican Republic…

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1979 - Hurricane David Dates active: August 25 - September 8 Peak classification: Category 5 Sustained wind speed: 175 mph (280 km/h) Areas affected: The Caribbean, United States East Coast Deaths: 2,068 Damage: $1.54 billion (Pictured) A rubbish fire smolders between uprooted hulks of trees while, in the background, homeless Dominicans live in a tent camp provided by U.S. aid on Nov. 8, 1979 in Roseau, Dominica. The island was ravaged by Hurricane David in August 1979.

Males names were added to the hurricane name lists in 1979. Current lists alternate between male and female names.

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Have you heard of the island country of Dominica? Not to be confused with the Dominican Republic Dominica is its own vibrant country. In 1979 Hurricane David caused the tree to fall and smashed this school bus straight down the middle? Thankfully nobody was inside the bus but today this quirky attraction is the center of Dominica's Botanic Gardens . . . #dominica #roseau #celebritycruises #caribbean #caribbeanbeauty #caribbeansea #wanderlust #abandonedplaces #nature #traveladdict #explore…

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