Vizcaya in Miami. I love this place. It was even more beautiful before hurricane Andrew.


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Hurricane Andrew (1992) I took Air Force One and the president into the fray. The Florida governor didn't let the president respond immediately for what I thought were political reasons - putting politics in front of people. ?!

One of our reviewers lost her copy of this Chocolate Truffle Loaf recipe during Hurricane Andrew—only to find it again here! (She gives it 5 stars.)

1992 - Hurricane Andrew Dates active: August 16 - 28 Peak classification: Category 5 Sustained wind speed: 175 mph (280 km/h) Areas affected: Bahamas, Florida, United States Gulf Coast Deaths: 65 Damage: $26.5 billion (Pictured) A yacht beached on the road after Hurricane Andrew hit Miami, Florida.


Within 10 minutes my kit always looks like Hurricane Andrew came by to say hello

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