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25 Proper Ways To Read A Book

Hunger games AND Harry Potter?! Could life get better?! the 2 best books ever written!!!!!! xxxx

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Peter trod carefully along the branches of the big trees, in order not to alert any of the hid in lost boys he was near. Then suddenly he heard a scream....

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❝They May Not Be Real To You, But They Are Real To Me.❞ In order of appearance; Percy Jackson, Sherlock, Sleepy Hollow, Hunger Games, Les Miserables, the Hobbit, the Avengers, the Book Thief, Harry Potter, Supernatural, Fault in Our Stars, My Mad Fat Diary, Doctor Who.

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Im literally sobbing right now.Tese were just innocent children, who wer scared and wanted to go home.

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The 12 Most Insane Pieces Of Official Hunger Games Merchandise

The Hunger Games Parachute Compartment single chain necklace is very unique. The necklace has a silver parachute compartment charm that dangles from a silver chain.

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