Yes I did, and I fought hard as hell to over come all the horrible obstacles that the devil put in my way!!

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Never, yes and neither are you. Anyway its not about 'importance' its about deserving. Why should i keep being nice to a guy who only ever abuses me, rarely replies, and just mocks and ridicules me, tells me not to take anything seriouosly, and basically shows me no compassion ever but expects it by the bucket load in return? Why? Oh i ow, coz i should be his dirty rag, his doormat, his 'broken' woman. Well FUCK YOU SHAYLER NAZI CREEP, NO.

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Bushido in a nutshell. Your only goal is to become a self master by becoming an independent thinker.

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☮ American Hippie ☮ Be kind. Work hard. Stay humble. Smile often. Keep honest. Stay loyal. Travel when possible. Never stop learning. Be thankful always... and love.

Stay strong and remain kind! I allowed anger and resentments of the arrogant to take my kindness from me. I'm just now learning to regain that inside me. Which, makes me a much better version of me and the real me! Never allow anyone to dull your shine!

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The man has had a lot of tragedy in his life and still remains humble, grounded, and kind. An example to us all.

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Humility truly is a virtue. Successful people are confident but humble. Strangely enough I find I have been following this my whole life even though I didn't know it existed.

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