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Be Yourself Unapologetically (Live Life Happy)

Never, yes and neither are you. Anyway its not about 'importance' its about deserving. Why should i keep being nice to a guy who only ever abuses me, rarely replies, and just mocks and ridicules me, tells me not to take anything seriouosly, and basically shows me no compassion ever but expects it by the bucket load in return? Why? Oh i ow, coz i should be his dirty rag, his doormat, his 'broken' woman. Well FUCK YOU SHAYLER NAZI CREEP, NO.

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Bushido in a nutshell. Your only goal is to become a self master by becoming an independent thinker.

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Pause whenever you're about to react harshly and you'll avoid doing and saying things you'll later regret.

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Great Things Love Quotes

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Humility truly is a virtue. Successful people are confident but humble. Strangely enough I find I have been following this my whole life even though I didn't know it existed.

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Work Wish Paint Brush White Blue Calligraphic Handlettered Handlettering Motivational Inspirational Quote Poster Prints Printable Art Decor

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What is in Our Productivity Tool Box (The Fresh Exchange)

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