Creature illustration for Shadow of the demon Lord by Schwalb Entertainement. Alot of fun on the render of this guy!

haaaaaaaaave-you-met-ted: “GatorMan- by crocodile Humanoid troglodyte XRobinGoodFellowX ”

Tikbalang (also written as Tigbalang, Tigbalan, or Tikbalan) is a creature of Philippine folklore said to lurk in the mountains and forests of the Philippines. It is generally described as a tall, bony humanoid creature with disproportionately long limbs, to the point that its knees reach above its head when it squats down. It has the head and feet of an animal, most commonly a horse. It is sometimes believed to be a transformation of an aborted fetus which has been sent to earth from limbo.

Tikbalang (Philippine) - Also known as the Slenderman by some, these tall…

Chrimera ..........

What Mythical Creature Are You?

This reminds me of what the humanoid form of my Baharik dragons look like! Dryad - Monster Squadby Neverheidae (Jayme Neverton)"←This reminds me of Groot from Gardians of the Galaxy.

Planning a Game of Thrones Party? Mix up White Walker Cocktails and sip on an otherworldly humanoid cocktail while watching otherworldly humanoid creatures!  via @momontheside

White Walker Cocktail Inspired by Game of Thrones

Mix up this White Walker Cocktail for the Game of Thrones Season 7 Premiere! An otherworldly humanoid cocktail to help you prepare because winter is coming.

10 Legends Of Aquatic Humanoid Creatures - Listverse

10 Legends Of Aquatic Humanoid Creatures - Listverse

Leesha Hannigan

Leesha Hannigan

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Want to see some of the best humanoid alien character designs? Check out this collection of cool alien concept art by some hugely talented artists.

I obviously didn't draw these but I thought they would be cool for ideas and insinuation of mythical creatures, just thought they looked cool

Notebook doodles, made in May 2011 Sirens look more like nagas. Sitting centaur doodle was probably inspired by [link] Sirens, centaurs, winged - poses

10 Legends Of Aquatic Humanoid Creatures

10 Legends Of Aquatic Humanoid Creatures