Interactive worksheets with FREE AUDIO RECORDINGS - A diagram of the human skeleton with labels. Children learn that our skeleton is made from bones. They identify, locate and name the different bones that make up the human body.The worksheets can directly be used in the class, but they also support children s learning in out-of-school environments.

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"I know I am truly healing and on the spiritual path when being true to myself is more important than being who I am expected to be. Layer by layer I removed all I thought I was, and all I thought I had to be and in the moment. I was left standing naked and vulnerable without identities and labels, I remembered... I just AM." <3

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5ft 6" Life Size 1st Quality Human Skeleton ( Including Stand + Clear Dust Cover) + Free Bonus: Skeleton Numbering Kit includes 208 Numbered Self Adhesive (peel & stick) Round Labels to Number the Bones + Numbered Guide

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