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I Love You, America, But This List Should NOT Make You Uncomfortable

Did you know that the United Nations outlined what basic rights and freedoms we are entitled to? It's called the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


Burns H. Weston International Human Rights Essay Prize. Each year this essay contest is held at the Center for Human Rights. Two winners are selected; one being an undergraduate student, and the other a graduate student. The undergraduate winner is rewarded a $750 prize, and the graduate winner is rewarded a $1000 prize. Both winners are recognized at an awards banquet.

What are the universal human rights? - Benedetta Berti | TED-Ed

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10 Pictures that Explain Why I Agree with USA Gymnastics #BoycottIndiana

It's about human rights. We are all equal! Or we should be all equal - so much for the so called enlightened men. Or how about love one another??

Understanding Our Basic Human Rights
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Understanding Our Basic Human Rights

EL RESPETO A LOS DERECHOS//In a world where our human rights are consistently challenged and issues such as freedom of expression, women’s rights and impunity continue to come into question, it is critical to fully understan…

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These Powerful Photos Show The Dangers of Judging Girls By Their Clothes

Don't measure a women's worth by her clothes Source: TERRE DES FEMMES


Article #2, No Discrimination, Equal Rights & Privileges : Youth For Human Rights Video

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Comment ne plus être jugée pour les vêtements qu'elle porte !

There is no middle ground, that is the harsh truth.. Try to make an effort not to judge another, woman or man. Let's try to make a middle ground.

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UK bill of rights commission: second time lucky

Do you believe McCathy is taking away the rights of his victims during their trials? I do. I think that the McCarthy trials are in accurate and based off assumptions. We need to stand up for our rights!

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Why The 3 Happiest Words In Many Parts Of The World Are The 3 Deadliest In Others

Why The 3 Happiest Words In Many Parts Of The World Are The 3 Deadliest In…