Human Rights Campaign (HRC) logo ~I have this displayed next to my pride sticker on my car!~Evy

Spring 2017 Section "Human Rights Campaign (HRC) logo" 2013 Ad campaign to bring awareness to the supreme court to overturn marriage equality for LGBT communities. It correlated to the principle in the SUCCESS model. People care about people.

Amnesty International. Helping people escape torture and brutality is something we should all care deeply about.

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Via Chad Griffin of the Human Rights Campaign: Now more than ever we must stand together and say #LoveConquersHate.

Woke up this morning feeling grateful for another day, but then I heard the news of the terrorist attack in the Orlando, Florida nightclub. My thoughts and prayers go out to all the family and friends of those involved ❤

Resources: Growing Up LGBT in America | Human Rights Campaign

Find a wealth of resources for supporting LGBTQ youth at home, in school and in the community.

Danica Roem Makes History | Human Rights Campaign

Danica Roem Makes History | Human Rights Campaign

Yesterday, HRC decided to take out our red pen and make some minor edits to Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal’s op-ed in The New York Times about his avid stance against marriage equality and support for discriminatory religious freedom laws. Now titled, “I’m Losing the Fight Against Marriage Equality,” the op-ed takes a look at the rapidly changing marriage equality landscape and the growing support for LGBT rights nationwide.

Human Rights Campaign Scholarship Database for LGBTQ students, activists and straight allies