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Stop Polluters From Putting Their Money Where Your Mouth Is

u have to do to c there is a prob is turn on ur TV the airwaves are saturated with political ads funded by a handful of billionaires pushing their narrow agenda. The result? The massive megaphone ey've bought is drowning out the voices of everyone else. Take a look at the House of Representatives. After Citizens United, polluter dollars poured into campaigns all over the country. political money distorting the priorities of our democracy

63 "Patriarchal culture has taught people to be seperate from nature. Rationalizing all manner of greed and exploitation, the view that the earth was put here to serve humanity-that we are created to be its dominators-is the root of our present ecological nightmare. And by stealing a sense of sacred from nature-by making it lowly, inferior, dead-the sky god culture produced a cruel rift in our inner nature and paved the way for widespread alienation…


Vertical Farming: Feeding our future!

Currently pending construction in Singapore, the EDITT Tower will be a paragon of "Ecological Design In The Tropics". Designed by TR Hamzah & Yeang and sponsored by the National University of Singapore, the high-rise will boast photovoltaic panels,