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This picture contributes evidence to homeostasis by explaining what involuntary actions our body takes to keep us at body temperature.


This clip from the Big Bang Theory explains what homeostasis is. Homeostasis is defined as: the tendency toward a relatively stable equilibrium between interdependent elements, especially as maintained by physiological processes. Every living organism must maintain a stable internal environment to be able to react to the environment and stay alive. For example if an organism can't keep a stable body temperature they will freeze to death.


People feel sensations in different parts of their bodies when they experience emotions

'Body Atlas' shows where emotions hit the hardest (note: not a Flir cam showing actual heat signatures, but rather a rendering of test subjects' indications of feeling high vs. low response in the body. Still freaking cool, though.) via The Verge and PSFK

Low Body Temperature Symptoms and Causes - And How to Treat It #KnowledgeIsPower!#AwesomeTeam♥#Odycy☮:-)