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No, I WON'T smile for you! The cute baby gorilla who thinks she’s a cheeky monkey

Being cute is all very well, but perhaps Atinbi the baby gorilla has had enough adulation for one day, sticking her tongue out at admirers at the Limbe Wildlife Centre in Cameroon. Many of the primates at the centre have been orphaned by poachers, but Atinbi was born there after her mother was given refuge.

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Lego letter from the 1970s still offers a powerful message to parents 40 years later

1970's Lego Letter to Parents: 'The urge to create is equally strong in all children… boys and girls It's imagination that counts...' via #Letter #Creativity #Gender_Equality

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When Akhenaten became pharaoh, he introduced a solar deity named Aten, whom he declared the one true god after a flash of what might be either madness or inspiration. Either way, his reign saw the banning of the worship of all the other gods in Egypt and the institution of a new state cult of Aten, but it was not universally accepted and many Egyptians worshipped the old gods underground. After his death, the old polytheistic traditions were gradually restored.