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Hull Fair. Hull Fair is one of Europe's largest travelling funfairs, which comes to Hull, England for one week, from noon on Friday to midnight the following Saturday, encompassing the second Tuesday of October each year.

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Great Moments In Retailing: Hull Fair

Book one: Marcus runs away from Ethan when stuff is getting real during a mania phase. Stealing Betsy to do so. Ethan finds him. Afterwards Marcus goes to the isle of white until he he returns to a "norm" phase.

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Hull Fair, 1923. Kingston upon Hull, East Yorkshire, UK. Posted

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Hull Fair - one of Europe's largest travelling fairs which started in Hull in 1278, via Flickr

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Fair Weather Flotilla

Fair Weather Flotilla - with just some different textured and coloured papers, painted paper torn into strips, and a few sticky dots just look what can be created.

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