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100 Ways to Say “Bad”

100 Ways to Say “Bad” (scheduled via

from Cursos y Clases de inglés con English with Raymond en Madrid Capital


So there is a word for this feeling! I cannot even say it, never be able to spell it, probably never remember this word. BUT I can feel it :) That is good enough for me ...


Pantagruelian. Syllabification: Pan·ta·gru·el·i·an. Pronunciation: ˌpan(t)əɡro͞oˈelēən. adjective rare adjective: Pantagruelian Definition: enormous. "a Pantagruelian banquet" Origin: late 17th century: from Pantagruel (the name of an enormous giant in Rabelai...


Skit Writing and Performance Pages, Creative Writing, Seatwork for Individual and for Partner Work, Dictionary and Thesaurus Skills, Poetry, Games, and more are included in this Activity Pack of 106 different printables and games for ANY WORD WALL! See the preview for all that is inside of this huge set!

I've always been a huge fan of salvaging, recycling, re-vamping, reutilizing and all the other words one can find in a Thesaurus to descri...