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Lucy McRae: Blurring The Lines Between Art, Technology And The Human Form

Work by Lucy McRae "ROBYN ALBUM COVERS": Suspended from a delicately constructed coat hanger construction floats a seven layered paper pixel textile of electro-pop icon Robyn, with the real Robyn knitted amongst her seven other selfs.

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How to make perfect porridge

How to make perfect porridge Porridge is healthy and delicious. Here are our top tips on how to make porridge, with a video from Jamie and toppings from his head nutritionist

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Click visit site and Check out Cool "Cycling" T-Shirts & Hoodies. This website is excellent. Tip: You can type "your first name" or "your favorite shirts" by using search bar on the header. #Cycling

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.WHAT ARE 5 SIGNS YOU'RE IN THE WRONG CYCLING POSITION? Something as small as moving your seat down or up half an inch could prevent injury as well as maximuse your power output... #thecyclingbug #cycling #bike

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21 words only cyclists understand: Do you know your cadence from your clincher? And your bonk from your bridge? Don’t worry. With the help of The Cycling Bug’s guide to the 21 words only cyclists understand you’ll be speaking cyclese in no time! THECYCLINGBUG.CO.UK #thecyclingbug #cycling

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//KNOW YOUR BIKES / - How-to: Simple Bike Repair by Jessica Patterson, via Flickr #bikes #repair

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.DO YOU HAVE THAT NEED FOR SPEED? 16 WAYS TO GET FASTER ON THE BIKE: There’s only one thing that’s better than going fast on a bike – going faster! #cycling #bike #bicycle #cyclingtips

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