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Data sources are an integral part of Big Data and much corporate data are still housed in databases, data marts and data warehouses accessed by the SQL language. More and more, traditional business an

Whether you're an avid jQuery developer or just someone who is starting out, this jQuery cheat sheet will help you out.

Computer Education World. Anyone Can Use A Desktop Computer With The Right Advice. Individuals from all over the world use desktop computers on a daily basis for both professional and personal reasons. You may not know much about computer

Modern E-Newsletter Template Design. HTML coded, Mailchimp compatible, fully customizable.

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Key differences between HTML & CSS  Have a big network of executives and HR managers? Introduce us to them and we will pay for your travel. Email me at

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A must read infographic on the key differences between HTML vs CSS that covers html vs css basics, backgrounds, uses, website applications, etc

Targeted toward developers but good information (especially the first few items) for any designer, too.

11 Essential Tech Skills You Need to Get Hired as a Web Developer

The skills you’ll need to land a job as a front-end web developer will vary from one place or one position to another, but there are several skills that are common to most web development jobs. Skillcrush shares 11 of them below.

The E-Newsletter – Multipurpose Responsive Email Template comes with 7 different premade templates. There are 4 folders inside the tempaltes folder named ‘HTML, ‘Mailchimp’, ‘Campaign Monitor. & PSD.These templates contain all the layouts and you can easily edit or modify the content and images.

E-Newsletter - Multipurpose Email Template

Buy E-Newsletter - Multipurpose Email Template by webduck on ThemeForest. The E-Newsletter – Multipurpose Responsive Email Template comes with 7 different premade templates.

Great reference for those creating HTML emails from Litmus. Email Coding 101 Infographic

Html Email Code 101 A Guide For Email Marketing Infographic Html Design

Sew Many Ways......  I love this site! I has so many ideas, especially easy organizing ideas for the craft/sewing room!!

Today's Tool Time is a combination of a post I did last year and some new ideas too. This Picture Perfect Organization frame .

Yeah, it's just not fair if you can't fight back.  EMAIL SELF DEFENSE View & share our infographic

Educational infographic : Email Encryption Howto Infographic Ger but Link for other Languages