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Hr And Block

As you can see, many of the core values that businesses and companies have are similar to those that individuals might choose as guiding principles as well. Description from I searched for this on


7 Ways to Get Past Your Excuses

Excuses are the biggest hindrances that one can put for oneself. Excuses are self inflicted challenges which can prevent you from achieving everything that you have the potential for. Artists procrastinate and shelve their projects. Most wait for perfection and in that wait they spend days, weeks and months of unproductive spells. Professionals tend to


John Wooden’s Pyramid of Success

John Wooden's Pyramid of Success (Personal life skills to build - building a balanced life)


How to use the Pomodoro Technique to feed your Creativity

If you're anything like me and find it hard to focus on your daily tasks when there are so many, you NEED the Pomodoro technique and the daily planner I've created for you! Segment your day in to numerous 20 minute blocks with room for your favourite pass-times, and wait until you see how much more creative and inspired you feel! Free download of my Pomodoro daily planner at!


Home ReOrganization, An Infographic by H&R Block

We are asked a lot about how long to keep things. While you should always ask your attorney, accountant and other professionals, this can serve as a good guide and starting point.


Sorbet V Wall Clock

Sorbet V Wall Clock by Galaxy Eyes - $30.00 This would make a great kitchen clock. Black, White, and Yellow.