Gorgeous face cream without emulsifiers - thanks to Whispering Earth for the recipe. www.whisperingearth.co.uk

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"Age is a unit of measurement used to identify how long you've been alive. It doesn't gauge ur maturity, common sense, ability to handle situations or anything else."

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Ummmm, what do i even do with this information??? -M
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How stuff bleeds... I feel like I am going to need this information for more than one story.

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My name is Daisy. I used to work with a guy that called me a different flower name every time he saw me. When he ran out of names, he bought a flower book so he could keep them coming.

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Same. Except, I'm the friend who got so used to not having anyone, that, even now that I do have friends I can open up to, I don't like to talk about my problems

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Not so much you.. more what you did to me, and how much I used that pain to change for the better.

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Yep. Always that girl that likes that guy she had zero chances with. You knew, fake smile. He thinks you're alright, but you're not...and you're always afraid to tell him that you like him because you're afraid you'll be his second choice, like everyone else, and no matter what he's told you before, no matter how many times he helps you through the harder times, you're his second choice...and it hurts.

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