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Tip of the week...... This week's product tip is useful for both humans & animals: "Mix Aloe Vera Gelly with water to bathe eyes. Excellent simple way to treat conjunctivitis in all mammals!"

from The Herbal Resource

Self Heal Herb Uses, Side Effects and Health Benefits

Self Heal Prunella vulgaris. Conjunctivitis, wounds, sore throat, eczema, psoriasis, lower blood pressure... Found in Europe and North America


Top 10 Home Remedies To Get Relief From Pink Eye


Marigold (Calendula) has been used medicinally for centuries. Traditionally, it has been used to treat conjunctivitis, blepharitis, eczema, gastritis, minor burns including sunburns, warts, and minor injuries such as sprains and wounds. It has also been used to treat cramps, coughs, and snake bites. Calendula has a high content of flavonoids, chemicals that act as anti-oxidants in the body.


How your pink eye is treated usually depends on the form of conjunctivitis you have. Did you know there are three different types? Learn more about pink eye treatments and what you can do to relieve certain symptoms