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18 Hair Hacks, Tips & Tricks That Will Make Your Life Easier & Your Hair Better

from Camille Styles

Pretty Simple :: The Not-So-Big Tease

I have a teasing brush really similar to that one and I will never go back to a comb. Teasing brushes are easy on hair and in the end, hair doesn't even look teased, it just looks like it has natural volume. I don't tease as much as in this picture, I just take little sections and take the teasing brush an inch up the section and just brush down 2-3 times and that's it. Best thing ever

from StyleCaster

Learn How To Tease Your Hair: Tips from Nathaniel Hawkins

This is an EXCELLENT tutorial on how to tease your hair correctly and successfully!

from StyleCaster

Teasing Your Hair: A Complete Guide

how to tease your hair- every Southern gal should know this but just in case


With thin hair and a lot of it that I have, I needed a tutorial that made my hair look fuller. Teasing the hell out of your hair and much needed hairspray, I've learned does just the trick.

from Pretty Designs

10 Hair Tutorials to Try: How to Teased Hair

For everyone who doesn't know how to tease their hair but thinks they do. Im tired of seeing ugly teased hair. So please read this. How to smooth teased hair and still keep the volume (flat iron after hairspray is dry)