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Astaire and Rogers! Ginger Rogers was one of many famous tap dancing dames that partnered the infamous Fred Astaire...I think the best part is how genuinely happy they both look as they dance.


Watch online dance classes including Ballroom, Latin, Hip Hop, Belly dancing, Ballet, Irish Step dancing. Free online dance lessons for beginners.


For beginner students, here is a list of some basic tap steps to be used as a reference when practicing. Check out the Red Hot Rhythm’s brand-new video course, ‘Just TAP!’ which teaches these steps and more in detail, making tap dance easy, and helping you get your tap journey off to a flying start: How to tap dance! Basic standing still steps: 1. Straight Tap (aka Nerve Beat): Toe tap only. 2. Ball, Heel (2 beats, RR): Dig the …

How To Tap Dance TAP-torial: Double Pullbacks (4 Sound Series)

TAP DANCE DAY (May 25) How to Tap Dance: Beginner Combination. Excellent instructor with many tutorials. Give it a try!! and check out this video on how to buy tap shoes: and you can buy shoes here: and here is the history of tap: Whoo! is this pin one-stop-shopping or what? I rock!