How to roast someone

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When ever someone says: "you must be on your period" I Just say: "I started my day in a puddle of my own blood, is that how you would like me to end yours?"

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This is totally me! I always say the truth about how I feel about something or someone and they call it bitchy, I call it truthful.

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Ever wonder how to cut someone down to size? Here are the best insults to have up your sleeve.

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When you need to tell someone exactly how much you love them. | 21 Times Text Messages Are The Only Way To Say It

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Lol this is true I do talk if 1.) I like you 2.) I know you e.g your not a random stranger. 3.) I don't find you annoying. 4.) I feel comfortable around you. 5.) I don't feel shy Xx

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How to school someone when they make a sexist joke. - I am actually going to try this <3

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Kristen Stewart actually smiles all the time. You'd think that if people were going to hate her, they could at least come up with substantial reasons as to why. How does hating someone for being shy make you a good person? --description by DestinyandDoom

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