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Don't know where to start when it comes to prayer? Here's 5 easy steps to begin...

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How To Pray When You Just Can't Focus

How To Pray When You Just Can't Focus: 10 ideas to help you focus your mind and soul on God when you're distracted or overwhelmed.

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How To Teach Your Children To Pray

Teaching your children to pray is one of the most important things you can do as a parent. Here are some tips on how to teach them to pray.

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Good {spiritual} stuff

5 strategies for studying the bible. Take your quiet time with God to a new level by learning how to study the Bible! 1462 281 Rachel Joyner Psalm 23 Pin it Send Like Learn more at from Melissa K. Norris When God Closes a Door Yes. Hard and painful at the time but He always does what's best for the future He can already see 2656 585 2 Lori Keeton More Quotes Seiry Morales @Jasmine Perez

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How to Deepen Your Prayer Language by Praying Scripture

Not sure how to pray? Struggle for the right words? Learn how to pray scripture and deepen your prayer language. Pray God's words back to Him. {+free printable prayer card}

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