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askmerledixonthings: “Tennis Norman because of course. I saw a gifset of norman saying he played tennis when he was a kid (I have no idea how to link it tho sorry fam) and I had to ”

FRIENDSHIPS - Sometimes friendships are about understanding accepting others as they are flow change adapting letting go reunions No's sorry's boundaries insights & owning our part to play in any given situation. Me & this gal have been buddies for over 11 years. Like with lots of relationships it's been great good exciting & hurtful. Last night we learned to speak about something we needed to understand. To see each other in a new way we put an understanding to 11 years of a dynamic…

Luke Cage is getting a second season? Sweet Christmas! Marvel has been knocking movies and television series out of the park and it looks like theyre going to keep swinging no matter what. Theyve already released the critically acclaimedDaredevilandJessica Jones on Netflix followed by the powerfulLuke Cage. Speaking ofLuke Cagethe serieswas so well received by Netflix viewers and the outpouring of fan reactions to the series that they greenlit a second season. Thats exactly what you just…

With an open mind and a bit of time walk over to a private mirror. Look into it and see yourself reflected back to you. Rather than seeing all the things that you find wrong with yourself look at the luminosity behind your skin no matter what colour it may be. Look at how it shines. Look at it well. Open to it. Receive it. Allow it to come forward. Allow your body/being to expand and express that light. It is the divine your true nature shining back at you! Hello! Now walk out into the…

My wife and I are addicted to board games. We play at least one board game per day. Generally it is SORRY but we have been known to wear out a Chinese Checkers set or two. After a random google ima…

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Good to the Last Dot: 20 Polka Dot Home Accessories

Sorry. We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but even though it's "technically " spring now, warm weather isn't here to stay quite yet. Sure, today may be 60 but tomorrow? Back to chilly 40's, or even 30's. Fortunately, even if the temps aren't cooperating, you can bring spring spirit into your home with a fresh polka dot pattern. You might be surprised how one or two awesome accessories can give your entire home a face lift. Get playful with your home decor again, wash away those winter…

Hiddlestoners: we're everywhere. <--Has anyone noticed that sometimes it takes him a few minutes to realize that he's being hit on, lol. its so endearing and adorable


:D also notice how both guys are trapped by the same thing and about to suffer the same fate and who does emma call out to? HOOK!!! THATS WHO!!!!!!

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How To: Make a Shoe-Box Guitar

Consider this old-fashioned geetar a much needed break from Rock Band. (You might want to start saving the rubber band that wraps your daily newspaper, by the way.)