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Marinade Magic: Easy As 1-2-3 | Love succulent steaks, flavorful chicken, tender lamb and zesty veggies? Want to add a splash of “Wow!” to your favorite foods? (Who doesn’t, right?) Marinades make the magic that turns tried-and-true foods into something memorable. If you can count to 1-2-3, you’ve got it made with marinades. Delicious success is guaranteed with this simple formula.


A tangy acid, olive oil for flavor & 6 classic seasonings make this the best steak marinade ever! Tips & tricks for whipping this marinade into shape!


Ok I've actually made this recipe and it is by far the BEST BISCUIT recipe I've ever made. Though I'm not sure if it's this specific recipe or this trick I learned. Use butter and use a cheese grater to shred the butter!

from Little Dairy On the Prairie

Perfect Steak Marinade

~Most flavorful steak marinade I've tried. I was surprised at how easy it was to make. I don't think I will be buying those marinade packets any more!~


How to Marinate a Steak so It's Tender & Delicious

from Midwest Living

How to Cook Steak

Wondering how to cook steak? We’ll tell you how to choose a good steak, how to grill steak, whether to marinate steak and how to tell when steak is done.


How to Cook Steak Slowly in the Oven So It Is Juicy & Tender

There are different ways to slow-cook a juicy, tender steak in the oven. The strategy you use depends on the cut of the steak. Tough cuts with lots of connective tissues benefit from wet cooking strategies, such as braising or stewing. Lean, tender prime cuts can be finished at a low temperature in an oven, but you won’t have to cook them...


How to Marinate Steak

How-to-Marinate-Steak... Looking for a way to add more wow to your next steak dinner? Learning how to marinate steak ahead of time is a quick and easy way to add tons of flavor.

from Serious Eats

How to Marinate and Grill Flank Steaks

Grilled Marinated Flank Steak Fajitas

from Bitz & Giggles

The Best Steak Marinade

Steak Marinade Recipe. UPDATE: 5 stars! There are no words to describe how amazing this is. Marinate a minimum of 3 hours.