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How the most popular alcoholic drinks around the world are made

How the most popular alcoholic drinks around the world are made

Mmmmm! This is tasty design - both literally and figuratively! How many of these have you tried? I had a former beau dabble in some homebrewing - made me Applejack for Valentine's Day! It was sweet and warming... him? Not so much! Source:


How to make moonshine whiskey at home using a pressure cooker still with video instructions, recipes, including a peach moonshine recipe and videos from Popcorn Sutton.


Homemade Whiskey Caramel Sauce Recipe - Edible Gifts

I think this would make a wonderful hostess gift or just a fun gift for friends, neighbors and co-workers. Make your own cute tag using Avery Printable Tags and free designs and templates at


How to Make Your Own Aged Whiskey

Distilling and aging whiskey at home is a lot quicker than commercial distilleries.Small barrels have 4-5 times the surface area contact as large barrels


How To Make Infused Spirits [Illustrated Infographic]

If you’re a fan of spirits, it’s highly possible that you’ve had one or two that’ve been flavored before – even Fireball counts! – but did you know you could make your own version of cranberry-flavored vodka or jalapeño infused tequila? You can even make ‘Bathtub Gin!’ Just follow our simple guide, and you’ll be infusing your own spirits in no time!