Make this Raspberry Panna Cotta (with step-by-step video tutorial) at your next dinner party! Your guests will love you! It's refreshing an very festive for the holidays. The perfect dessert to conclude your holiday meal.

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This fresh and easy raspberry mousse is a creamy delicious dessert recipe that is perfect for entertaining. Recipe at

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Medieval Food: Meat fruit -- Consists of a tangy outside layer of Mandarin jelly encasing a delicate silken Chicken liver parfait, and it looks like an orange. Dates back to medieval times and has been brought back to light in a recent Heston t.v. series of fabulous feasts.

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Cool down in the hot heat with delightful Japanese Parfait! It's made of delicious layers of sponge cakes, granolas, fresh whipped cream, and ice cream, topped with fresh fruits!

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