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New narrative still life paintings and drawings by graphic artist David Cahill. Check out more images at his portfolio website

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50 Must do DIY Projects from April

Need some creative inspiration? Here are 50 Must do DIY Projects from April to fuel your DIY needs until the end of May! Pin this now!

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25 beautifully designed websites

Webdesign 제품과 사진 퀄리티가 좋으면, 사진 리터칭, 그라데이션과 그림자 만으로도 있어 보임

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But imagine Brendon being told the concept of the song and it's all about tis man who's he looked up to since he was seventeen and how much he hated himself and it's to make him know he's worth something so of course he gives it everything he can because this is Pete Wentz, this is the man who accepted his band and helped him on the way to success and without Pete, he might not be where he is. He might've been another Average Joe but instead he's Brenden freakin' Urie. Of course he gives it…

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Music is my life, it has the ability to pick me up and there's always a song relatable to my current situation.

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This is a tutorial on how to make headphones using fondant. These headphones can be used as toppers for music themed cakes such as the Dancehall Cak…

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This is exactly how I feel day in day out, but I try my hardest to push it aside and smile. I think that's the hardest thing, faking it

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As long as there are hundreds of killjoys in the whole world there will be a my chemical romance alive in us and the band I hope they know that no matter what happens there will still be killjoys and a mcr and how Much we still love them

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How to become a professional photographer

7 daily exercises that will make you a better Photographer. #photography #tips #exercises ❤️

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Like playing Fallout 3? Learn how to blog about Fallout and get paid! #Fallout3

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