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The best eco-friendly homes

You name it, this house has it: an air-source heat pump, a rainwater harvester, central-vacuuming system, triple-glazing and motion-sensitive lighting system. It also features underfloor heating and self-closing loos. The five bedrooms are arranged over three storeys.

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Feather Writing - #playfulpreschool

Use feathers to develop writing skills, click through to find out how this can be adapted for children from toddler through to elementary working on different skills and knowledge

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Netflix Shows Worth a Watch

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Bamon! It makes me laugh to just read the words instead of watch it because it looks like he is calling her eggs or something. Also the house is huge how does he know she talks in her sleep???

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Deeply trapped in your own world. to me I feel like this photo represents the idea of who someone wants to become. I like the black and white of this photo, and how the persons photo compressed.

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Do You Know Who Sang These Lyrics?

Cute, but who needs a capo for ukulele? It has four strings. You have five fingers. You can make practically any chord work.

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