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How to Learn Italian FAST in 8 Hours! Amazing New Method

How to Learn Italian FAST in Just 8 Hours! is the results of 10 years of language learning experience aimed at beginners. Beginners to both language learning and to Italian. Each step is broken down into building blocks that are introduced in such a way that you create your response then move on to ever-more-complex sentences. There is no need to stop for homework, additional exercises, or memorising vocabulary, so you progress rapidly! After Step 2 you'll be creating your own sentences.


Italian pluralization patterns, Italian plurals: o to i, gatto to gatti; a to e, farfalla to farfalle, e to i, cane to cani; www.viaoptimae....


What's your language level? A guide for self-assessment, based on the European Framework of Reference for Languages, by Via Optimae, the fun way to learn Italian


Italian creepy crawlies for all your holiday bug bite needs! Learn how to say you need a mosquito squished or point out a pretty butterfly.


Hardest languages to learn. The Russian Language Centre offers Russian language courses for groups and individuals -visit our website here: