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How To Sprout Lentils The easy way. Lentils help cleanse and stimulate the kidneys and adrenal system, strengthen the heart and circulation and increase energy and vitality. When lentils are sprouted, their nutrients become more easily digestible, and after just 3-4 days of sprouting, their soluble fiber, which helps lower LDL cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood sugar and regulate insulin levels, increases 300 percent!


How to Grow Sprouts in a Jar

How to Grow Sprouts in a Jar, Super-simple indoor gardening! Growing your own sprouts is so easy......and there are so many varieties too!!


How to Grow Sprouts with DIY Sprouting Jars

Getting antsy for spring? Move over winter blues, time for some green love without the wait.Growing your own sprouts is simple and a fab pick-me-up this time of year. You can get your hands on some seeds and watch them grow into a delicious and nutritious treat within days. Make the perfect stir-fry, salad fixings or spicy sandwich addition.


How to create a wildflower meadow in the garden

How to grow a wildflower meadow - sow wildflower seeds in any unused patch in your garden and transform it into a thriving flower meadow - great for wildlife too!


Sprouting is easy! Anybody can do it. Here is what you will need to get started growing sprouts: Seeds A sprouting vessel Trays Potting mix A sprouting rack A drain pan You can do this without building a greenhouse. Believe it or not, the best place for you to grow all your sprouts is right …

How to grow bean sprouts in a mason jar infographic

How to grow bean sprouts in a mason jar


Grow an Indoor Salad Garden with Soil Sprouts - Page 2 of 2

How to grow soil sprouts: an easy method to grow nutritious sprouts and baby greens in less than 2 weeks. Great for small space and indoor winter gardening!

How to grow bean sprouts in a mason jar infographic

How to grow alfalfa sprouts.

Alfalfa Sprouts (0.2g per serving) These tiny sprouts are brimming with a concentrated amount of vitamins and minerals as they are harvested before they become full grown plants. High in Vitamins C, K and Calcium.